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Reanimate Me
Leave me to rot
Allow my blood to clot
Flesh falling from bone
As I sit here alone
I wonder what I've done
To make you turn and run
As my brain matter sustains
The parasites which remain
To feast on what is left
Now that life is bereft
Of feeling or emotion
Since I've been broken
By your lack of care
I've nothing but despair
And this pulsing
Of maggots eroding
The meat of my body
While I sit here rotting
The only remaining part
Being my still beating heart
After everything, it is still yours
Although it only pours
The blood onto the ground
'Til you're ready to come round
To give it purpose once more
And rebuild me from the core
Since you tore me down
It is only you, now
Who can fix what is dead
Bring back what existed
In me, my life, and my head
The love we had, which can't be dead
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Moontree by ThisLonelyHeart Moontree :iconthislonelyheart:ThisLonelyHeart 0 0 Tree by ThisLonelyHeart Tree :iconthislonelyheart:ThisLonelyHeart 1 0
The Revealer
There is something inside
Something I cannot hide
It is an aching, a feeling
One that sends me reeling
I am unable to deny
That which is in my eye
A tear for the lonely
And a hope for the only
Person to wrangle my mind
Gives me focus and helps unbind
All my thoughts
All I’ve sought
Is for this pain in my chest
To finally be at rest
And she may be the one
Who shows me the sun
And rids me of the darkness
And the pain which beckons
For me to cripple and crumble
Beneath it as I stumble
She’ll pick up my spirits
And free me of secrets
And lies of the night
Freeing me of fright
Flooding me with light
And with all our might
We’ll make things alright
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Within All Pain Lies a Lesson
In every ounce of pain
There is a lesson lain
In the crevasses of every heart
And therein lies a new start
Where you can use new knowledge
To pull yourself from the edge
Of despair and build a new heart
One that can’t be torn apart
That will withstand all torture
And never lapse or rupture
That will continue beating
That will continue loving
That won’t let you fall
In the midst of it all
It will be strong, and you will be strong
No matter what befalls you, no matter what’s wrong
You will stand tall
Immune to it all
Nothing can stand in your way
Because no amount of pain
Can take these lessons away
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In the morning light, her auburn hair glistened as she drank in the sweet smell of the dew filled air. She drew her fresh cup of coffee to take in the thick aroma before taking a sip which satisfied her enough to draw a smile from her face, making her cheeks cradle her piercing hazel eyes. She loved mornings. It was the only time she had to herself before she started her day. Ms. Ericsson loved her job, although it left her little free time. She had to savor what she could from these mornings before dealing with the carnage out there in the streets. She sat on her front porch, contemplating the day ahead. Sometimes I wish people could learn to live peacefully she thought as she drew another sip from the dark roasted liquid pleasure in her mug. She quickly realized what a lie that was, as she loved taking down scumbags daily. The pay wasn't half bad either, though it isn't as if she didn't pay her dues. She reminisces over her early days on the force, when she had to brush off the catca
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Finding Myself
Today is a day
When all I can say
Is 'I want to run away'
But this feeling doesn't stay
I am distracted from the thought
Although it is never completely gone
My disappointment grows, though
I can never seem to get up and go
I always have an excuse
A reason, or even a few
That I always seem to use
Just to plant my shoes
And never act to change this life
One I've come to think is a lie
Since the happiness I portray is to get me by
Not a true happiness, but just a glimpse of light
That I force from myself, so I don't alarm
Those around me, or cause any sort of harm
Because I know they would go too far
Just to see what makes me wish to be so far
Away, and try to understand something I can't explain
Because my reasons aren't quite as simple or plain
As some may think, since my reasons aren't of a normal train
Of thought, so I try to save all of us the great pain
In trying to understand me, and my thoughts, since
I rarely understand them myself, and even the existence
Of such thoughts confus
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I'm sick of all the lies
I'm leaving you behind
If this is how you'll treat me, then get the fuck out of my life
All I need is to push you out and free my mind.
No longer will you feed on me
No more will I emotionally
Be attached to you, so let me be
Its time you finally see
I can't even think of you
So sick, I can't get through
I think its time you knew
So I can start anew
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Truth Is
People only see
A fraction of my oddity
Because they only see
The person they want me to be
So they never truly see me
But rather, something they wish I'd be
Yet all think that they mostly
Understand every piece of me
When, in all actuality
They don't see reality
Because they only want conformity
Though, I refuse this formality
Since I enjoy my own insanity
Because it doesn't require vanity
It is simply
And totally
And purely
And only
The crazy
The plainly
And insanely
The incredulously
All encompassing idea that is me
Truth is, all I have is my insanity
I have never condoned plain sanity
I find it to be all too sanitary
I see no need to be cleanly
Since chaos comes so naturally
And so, I find myself, thusly
Confined, in my own mind, by society
Because it refuses to accept thoroughly
All of my mind, due to it's abnormality
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Skin Deep
I have moments when I'm superficial
I cannot deny
I have moments when I'm superficial
I will not lie
These moments, however, are not my life
But merely moments in which I can't deny
My physical desires and needs
For flesh, which leads to superficiality
These moments are fleeting, yet growing in number
I must control them, lest brought to a societal slumber
In which these needs, only skin deep
Take over my live, and have me creep
Along with society's views and ideals
Which I fight against 'til my blood congeals
In my circulatory, and it always reveals
How the human is ruined when one peels
This skin deep obsession away
One cannot stand, for every day
They've lived in this prison, this cage
That their skin, this thing that withers with age
Is all important, though this is a lie
On cannot let this just slip by
One must fight with all one has
To show the world that skin only lasts
For a very limited time
So, be released from the binds
Society placed in all our minds
And rebel against their
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Friend-Filled Solitude
In this lonely silence
I wonder about independence
I wonder why I've chosen
To be mostly solitary, not woven
Into the crowd, the populous
Why have I decided to be solus
Maybe it's a product of my childhood
I could simply be used to solitude
Maybe I've been alone too long
So I find comfort in the norm
Is it really all too wrong
To wish to not be swarmed
By people every time I'm out
To never want popularity or to doubt
If those around me really care
To only have a chosen few be there
And to be there for
Whenever they need me or
Whenever I may need them
My independence isn't without them
These chosen few are wanted
They are small in number, but not in heart
They aren't necessarily needed
But without them, I couldn't ever start
To live or be a part
Of another's life and heart
I could never bee more grateful
For independence with these people
All of which I care for and love
Though they may not yet know of
How much they mean to me
Hopefully these friendships will always be
All of you are im
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Me by ThisLonelyHeart Me :iconthislonelyheart:ThisLonelyHeart 2 0
Dear Friend
Something to cherish, something to love
Something to help when you've had enough
Something to live with, and never without
Even someone who one can trust, no doubt
These are needed, not only wanted
Without them, one is haunted
Haunted by loneliness and despair
Constantly gasping for some air
For without this, life is torture
Without someone who one can be sure
Will never judge, never chastise
Life would be unbearable, I realize
I learn more and more each day
How much I'd lose if it were taken away
My life, my love, my happiness would be stripped
From me if this were ever to be clipped
From the pages of my life
Like a child taken in the night
I would scream, yet no one could hear
How awful it would be that something dear
Was taken from me
This is how it is to be
A friend of yours, so wonderful
And grand, it makes me joyful
To know I have your trust
One that could never rust
May be shaken
But never broken
That description is how I'd feel
If I ever lost you, I'd kneel
And yell for any sor
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Carmo by ThisLonelyHeart Carmo :iconthislonelyheart:ThisLonelyHeart 2 3 Lines and Light by ThisLonelyHeart Lines and Light :iconthislonelyheart:ThisLonelyHeart 11 0 Shimmer by ThisLonelyHeart Shimmer :iconthislonelyheart:ThisLonelyHeart 3 0


in nature 2 by SvitakovaEva in nature 2 :iconsvitakovaeva:SvitakovaEva 5 0 autumn image by SvitakovaEva autumn image :iconsvitakovaeva:SvitakovaEva 22 0 nature by SvitakovaEva nature :iconsvitakovaeva:SvitakovaEva 14 1 nature 4 by SvitakovaEva nature 4 :iconsvitakovaeva:SvitakovaEva 27 2 Misty by Hengki24 Misty :iconhengki24:Hengki24 223 14 Mono Tree by Hengki24 Mono Tree :iconhengki24:Hengki24 220 7 Fairy Tale by Hengki24 Fairy Tale :iconhengki24:Hengki24 131 5 Ice Age by Capturing-the-Light Ice Age :iconcapturing-the-light:Capturing-the-Light 59 13 Lakeland Moods by Capturing-the-Light Lakeland Moods :iconcapturing-the-light:Capturing-the-Light 143 16 Free as a bird by zardo Free as a bird :iconzardo:zardo 2,564 444 End of Autumn by zardo End of Autumn :iconzardo:zardo 120 4 Winter is coming by KariLiimatainen Winter is coming :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 203 24 fairyland by KariLiimatainen fairyland :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 545 36 Winter in Finland by KariLiimatainen Winter in Finland :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 232 24 golden river by KariLiimatainen golden river :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 333 17 a troll forest by KariLiimatainen a troll forest :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 124 6


In a fit of emotion I wrote something new. I haven't kept up on my book, because I've not felt up to it. I hope you enjoy the new poem in its stead.


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